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tecnicas-de-sedacionSedation techniques are achieved by administration through a catheter (tube) into a vein, medications (drugs) anesthetics, analgesics and tranquilizers (sedatives) administered in adequate doses and the ratio for each patient, as the procedure to be performed, the personal characteristics of the patient, drug sensitivity and clinical status.

The purpose of sedation for examinations or interventions of any kind, is to provide a conscious, relaxed, comfortable and pain-free state in the patient, thanks to conservation awareness, can provide active collaboration.

The anesthesiologist is responsible for performing and supervising the entire process from start to finish sedation. Using different clinical methods and devices are controlled and monitored vital functions, cardiac, respiratory, cerebral and others. This constant vigilance is maintained throughout the act of sedation and maximum safety is achieved .

All our treatments are guaranteed by the high professionalism of our specialists and made ​​with innovative techniques.

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