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protesisDentures must meet a number of aesthetic and functional requirements to the greatest similarity to natural teeth.

For this, the professional takes a comprehensive study for the diagnosis and aesthetic analysis before designing and manufacturing the prosthesis, a process from choosing the most suitable color of teeth to make it as natural as possible to the shape and lace thereof, to reach the very high naturalness and beauty of a perfect smile.

Aesthetics and natural dentition, associated with full functionality, is the ultimate purpose of our work. The harmony of the teeth with our traits is more important to us than making a denture perfectly enfilade and white color, which would provide an unnatural appearance, frequent error in reconstructions of dentures.

Each case is unique to us, and in that sense, after a previous study, the use of fixed prostheses decide, supported in existing, or removable teeth generally and increasingly measure used provisionally.

Aesthetics and natural dentition, associated with full functionality is the ultimate goal of our work: the harmony of the teeth with our traits is the primary objective.

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