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periodonciaThis specialty studies prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases associated with tissue that support the teeth, which are basically two: gingivitis and periodontitis We can say is read the first in the case of no remedy in time.

Therefore it is very important in this case the early diagnosis of these problems, so that, through proper treatment thereof, avoid possible eventual loss of teeth.

The treatments available to us for this are:

Curettage: cleaning below the gums that can remove plaque that accumulates on the tooth root, obliterating the bags creating and prevents bleeding gums and tooth mobility.

Periodontal Surgery frequently used, allows the removal of the bags and regeneration of the gum.

Bone Regeneration: cavity after removal of a part or of a cyst with what is called PRGF (Plasma Rich in Growth Factors) or with biomaterials, thereby facilitating bone regeneration so as to allow subsequent placement of implants are filled bone with correct base.

Periodontics allows us to diagnose and curb related tissues to their complete disappearance diseases.

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