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ortodonciaOrthodontists professionals deal with this specialty diagnose and correct the bad tooth positions for applying the treatments most appropriate to each case, get a better grip, so the chewing function and aesthetics will be provided.

Orthodontics treatment can be performed at any age, in both children and adults, distinguishing between children applied to problems that can be solved by the simple application of it associated with growth, and adult , where the application will be needed surgery in some cases.

Orthodontics is thus a weapon that can be used both to prevent and to correct both to solve a problem with the functionality of the teeth to correct a malformation from the aesthetic point of view.

Problems like inadequate bites, the prognathism and retrognathia (bad relationship between the jaws and teeth) or diastema (tooth gap) can be corrected by applying techniques that can be fixed (in the case that can not be removed by the patient) or removable, ranging anchored to the teeth and can be removed without specialist help.

The implementation of the latest technological advances in this field have led to new solutions to improve dental aesthetics, such as ”brackets” sapphire, whose value is obtained that allow success in rebuilding the perfect smile without having to bear any negative visual impact during treatment.

With orthodontic techniques and warn bad we corrected tooth positions to reach a perfection of our teeth, both functional and aesthetic.

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