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Cirugía-oral---maxilofacialYou can not talk about a solution or complete dental treatment without the support of surgery. Our team uses it to solve a multitude of problems, from the implantation of bone implant to the removal of cysts and tumors , taking into account the characteristics of health of our patients and assessment of all possible conditions.

We can say that the most common surgeries performed in our clinics are:

Frenectomies , which is the process by which a bridle or bridle between the lip and the gum is removed , and that affects the labial tooth position, or prostheses .

 Drainage of gingival / periodontal abscesses, which is incised to facilitate content output from germs and harmful substances that may be present in the tissue , thereby improving oxygenation and facilitating cleaning.

Apical resection, surgical excisions that are the root of the tooth and surrounding tissue are affected.

Preprosthetic surgeries, which are preparing hard and soft tissues ( bone and gum ) for proper placement and lasting dentures. Within this type of surgery necessary for orthodontic – surgical treatments where the surgeon will make a small incision to the subsequent placement of dental orthodontist appliances are included.

Implant Surgery, which is all necessary for the performance of implants, since surgery for the removal of the affected parts to screw placement based on the posterior dental.

Surgery is fundamental to the achievement of many treatments weapon, so your application with the strictest protocols of professionalism is required.

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