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implantologiaImplant dentistry is the discipline of dentistry that aims to replace the tooth root for the same loss by placing an implant in the maxillary or mandibular bone.

These dental units replenish lost by installing poles deployed in maxillary titanium root mode and artificial teeth can then bear on a part designed for it.

An implant is a screw made ​​of pure titanium that has undergone a special surface treatment to ensure their integration into the bone. It is a biocompatible medical prosthesis, suitable to be implanted in the human body and therefore subject to the most stringent health checks from manufacture to placement to the patient.

Dental implants can be different sizes , and materials surfaces. The type of implant that is placed on patients is performed based on the diagnosis and treatment plan.

About the implant prosthetics that will enable restore masticatory, phonetic and aesthetic functions of the patient will be designed .

Implants can be any type of patient whenever finished their growth, it is especially recommended for middle-aged have serious tooth loss, providing psychological, aesthetic and accepting advantages. Also ensures more chewability and prevents bone loss.

The implant process is long, we have to start planning the strategy to be followed, including conducting a comprehensive study of each case is different, and allows the choice of the most appropriate option for each.

Then begins the process of surgery, in which the implants are placed interim during which implant integration will occur in the bone. In some cases it can be done so called ”immediate loading”, which involves the placement of teeth on the day after surgery, allowing the patient more comfort.

Implants are now presented as the most definitive possible solution to tooth loss for its contribution to improving the functionality and aesthetics, being most similar to those of healthy natural tooth.

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