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odontologia-generalTalking care of our oral health should be a priority in our lives. Worth tracking process dental health in both the preventive level and in the treatment. Having healthy mouth is going to prevent many health problems, not just the dental related topic.

To do this, it’s better to begin with the prevention, passing through the following actions by the patient :

Oral checkups every six months or at least once a year.

Maintaining a perfect oral hygiene will prevent future complications.

By the dental professional, and after analyzed the problems in the review, a number of actions aimed at preventing future more complex interventions such as:

 Fluoridations: procedure by which topical fluoride is applied to the teeth in order to prevent tooth decay.

Clean mouth: essential performance, since the emergence of scale favors the development of periodontal disease, in addition to being unsightly element process whereby tartar from teeth and external pigmentation is removed.

Sealing cracks: application of chemicals that act as a physical barrier preventing bacteria and food debris from entering the cracks favoring caries, especially suitable for children.

If despite all this care, or the lack of them (which is usually the most common case), cavities and dental problems occur, we have a series of actions that will help us to stop and cure tooth decay in all phases.

 Filling / Sealing: the method used to restore the anatomy of a tooth by placing the aesthetic material specifically prepared resins or amalgam.

Reconstruction: restore the anatomy of a tooth when it presents an extensive carious lesion , in which case is made with composite or silver amalgam .

 Pulp capping: to receive and isolate the area near the pulp is low and allows us to protect the tooth.

Reviews mouth every six months or at least once a year and maintenance of a perfect oral hygiene will prevent future complications.

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