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estetica-dentalCosmetic dentistry is the specialty that combines oral health with the aesthetic harmony of the mouth in its entirety. It would apply the art and science to develop and highlight the beauty in a smile.

We find it more and more likely in that sense progress has been so great that today we can say that you can get perfect teeth with all of its functions even in the case of total loss of teeth .

The most widely used for such purpose are:

Blanqueamiento dental, por fotoactivación o luz fría, lo que permite, a través de la energía de la luz, la activación de productos químicos que producen la transformación de los dientes

 Porcelain veneers, which allow you to restore the front of a tooth for aesthetic purposes to help solve problems such as irregular tinted teeth, altered enamel, design or shape of the teeth and closing incorrect diastema (gap).

Zirconium Crowns. It is a full coverage of the tooth to simulate the anatomy of it, and can be coated with some other material (zirconium lately) to give more consistency given its extraordinary hardness and strength. The aesthetics of the finished ceramic zirconium in the laboratory reaches perfection, because without conventional metal prosthesis, the light is reflected without barriers and in a completely natural way.

We can define cosmetic dentistry as an application of art and science designed to develop and enhance the beauty of a smile.

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